About my work
as artist and illustrator

Illustrations for a talk given at HAW Hamburg

My work is divided into two partsMy work is divided into two parts   ... which are rarely well balanced... which are rarely well balanced   They are like sistersThey are like sisters   ... with different temperaments... with different temperaments   They need my love, both of themThey need my love, both of them   I am closer to one of themI am closer to one of them   Illustration work is cooperationIllustration work is cooperation   The ideal result of a commissionThe ideal result of a commission   Less ideal results of a commissionLess ideal results of a commission   Looking for great work samplesLooking for great work samples   ... not finding any... not finding any   ... well, yes, some... well, yes, some   Free!Free!   I draw, therefore I amI draw, therefore I am   ... though not necessarily understood... though not necessarily understood   Inspiration is subtleInspiration is subtle   I refuse to be flawlessI refuse to be flawless   ThanksThanks